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The average career span of professional athletes in most major sports ranges from three to six years, and one reason for this is the heavy toll elite sports take on the body.

The World's Most Dangerous Jobs

Athletes must travel frequently for work, and while injuries on the field and in training are common, it is accidents during travel that most commonly result in fatalities. Believe it or not, getting into a car is one of the most dangerous things people do every day. And for those who drive professionally, risks can be especially high. Not surprisingly, vehicle accidents are the most common cause of fatalities for taxi drivers and chauffeurs. However, a large share of fatalities, about 35 percent, are the result of violence by other people or animals.

Taxi drivers often work late hours and are exposed to potentially dangerous people. They also have a homicide rate over 20 times that of the average worker, according to OSHA. Mining has long been one of the most dangerous occupations in the world, as it entails working far underground in potentially unstable tunnels with coal dust or other highly combustible materials.

15 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Some of the worst workplace disasters in history have been mine collapses or explosions. Today, improved safety regulations and technology have drastically reduced the likelihood of death on the job, but mining is still highly dangerous. Mining machine operators suffer a fatality rate over three times the national rate. Construction is a relatively dangerous industry, and those who operate construction equipment are not much safer than others on the site. There were nearly 12 deaths for every , full-time engineers and equipment operators in — fewer than the 14 deaths per , among construction laborers — but still among the most of any job.

Nonfatal injuries are also common. According to the BLS, operating equipment like bulldozers and pile-drivers can lead to long-term injury or disability due to stress from repeated shaking and noise. Given the nature of police work, this makes sense. Officers are frequently required to work in high-risk situations, engaging in high-speed chases and confronting potentially violent individuals. The most common cause of workplace fatalities among police officers is direct violence from other people, but a close second is transportation accidents. Workers who directly supervise and coordinate activities of mechanics, installers, and repairers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country.

Approximately 13 in every , full-time first-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairers died on the job in , roughly four times the national rate of 3.

There were deaths on the job among construction workers in — or Construction workers often work at great heights on scaffolding, and roughly one-third of those deaths were caused by slips and falls. Many who work in construction also interact with heavy equipment and powerful tools on a daily basis — and about one in five construction worker deaths in was caused by contact with equipment.

Nonfatal injuries are also relatively common among construction laborers, totaling 21, in alone. Groundskeeping is typically a physically demanding job, performed outdoors in all weather conditions. Fatalities on the job are caused by a range of accidents — from slips and falls to harmful contact with equipment.

There were These workers frequently use dangerous equipment, and contact with this equipment is a regular cause of death. Many of them, such as tree trimmers and pruners, work at dangerous heights, and the most common cause of death among grounds maintenance workers are falls, slips, and trips. General maintenance and repair workers are often engaged in multiple tasks throughout a single day — which can include fixing mechanical equipment, repairing flooring, and working on plumbing, electrical, and air-conditioning systems.

Repairers often work in uncomfortable and cramped positions, and they are at a greater than typical risk of suffering electrical shocks, cuts, and falls. Falls, slips, and trips account for one third of all fatal injuries in the profession, the most of any type of accident. Nonfatal injuries, however, are far more common. General maintenance repair workers suffered 87 fatalities and 23, nonfatal injuries per , full-time equivalent workers in , each among the most of any profession per capita.

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Construction work in general is among the most dangerous in the country — four separate occupations within the construction industry are among the 25 most dangerous. Helpers in construction trades have the second highest fatality rate among those four occupations. As is the case for most occupations in construction, falls, slips, and trips are the most common cause of fatalities.

1. Logging Workers

Unlike the majority of the jobs with the highest fatality rates, a relatively small share of injuries result in fatalities. There were 11 fatal injuries and 2, nonfatal injuries among construction helpers. Nationally, 0. While managers in some jobs tend to perform less dangerous or physically demanding work than those they supervise, first-line supervisors in construction and extraction jobs are actually one of the most at-risk groups of workers in the country. This group suffered deaths in , one of the highest totals of any occupation.

Approximately half of all fatal injuries affecting miscellaneous agricultural workers were caused by transportation incidents — many of which involved motorized off-road vehicles, such as tractors.

Street Sweeper

The occupation also results in a relatively large amount of nonfatal injuries at 1, for every , workers — nearly double the comparable national rate. Many workers employed in dangerous occupations are compensated for the assumed risk with a higher wage, but in addition to being a dangerous job, miscellaneous agricultural workers are the lowest paid of all the jobs on our list.

The work is physically demanding, however, and exceptionally dangerous. Those in this line of work must deal with high voltage power lines, often at great heights. Therefore, both live wires and risk of falling are common hazards. Grounds maintenance work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States and frequently requires the use of powerful machinery, such as chainsaws, tractors, and lawnmowers.

As a result, the most common cause of death on the job is unintended contact with objects and equipment. Tree trimming and pruning, which can take place at elevated heights, are also activities that may result in injury.

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A stunt man is an artist who needs to be careful and fearless for the sake of their stunts. The chances of surviving stunts mainly depend on the level of knowledge that stunt man holds on such stunts. The risk factor that involves in the working environment of the airline pilot depends on the chances of weather conditions and knowledge about the airline pilots.

Most of the time airline pilots get into bad situations and the possibility of risk gets higher. And at that time to work these airline pilots think of turning things in their good or bad. The fisherman holds on a job which is dangerous, but yet worth it. If the climate changes its course of direction, then the risk factor gets higher as compared to other working job profiles. This is one of the job which comes with a caution that working in the e-waste recycling can be injurious to health. Most probably this job profile announces its severity in front of their employees.

Top 32 World’s Most Dangerous Jobs or Careers

When a person claims to be comfortable around animals, even if it is any type of animal. The things that need consideration is, animals are unpredictable. The possibility of risk is higher when it comes to animal training job. Therefore, it is claimed to be one of the most dangerous careers in the world. People warn if a person is playing with fire, but some people made their profession out of their love over fire. But the actual truth is that they are not trained to be afraid of fire. People who are mechanics and works in a garage are also considered to be working in a dangerous working environment.

The possibility of working in such working environment and especially with the heavy automobile equipment and much more. Roofers are those people who work for builders or individually for the fixation roofs and the tops of the houses. The main concern of these roofers would be that they fix all the roof issues of the house which needs it to be fixed. The possibility of risk may be considered high because as all the roofers, work in the higher part of the land and because of that the risk or danger elements gets higher as well.