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I inherited them. They are now hanging in my kitchen on the wall. They are 40 inches tall. Before my grandmother passed away she told me that my aunt had gotten them from her brother, who brought them back from Hawaii when he was the military. She also said that they were hand carved by a native Hawaiian. I have always wondered about the history behind them. My grandfather's uncle gave him a shotgun, which my grandfather passed down to my father and my father passed down to me.

Grandfather called his uncle "Uncle Doctor. Another story is that a friend gave it to him as a gift. It's a custom-made double-barreled shotgun that has been in the family for at least 90 years and probably more than that. The name N.


Lenhard Rzeszow is engraved on the barrel. The initials JB are engraved on the part where the firing pins are located and between the two hammers. There's a raised cheek piece on the stock and checkering on the handgrip.

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The screws and trigger guard are decoratively engraved, and the barrel has a design on it. It has two mounts for a sling. We believe this gun was made in Europe and brought to America by my great-great uncle.

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I tried to negotiate the price but the manager said that it was worth a lot more. I decided to buy it anyway since I really liked it. It was painted by Clarence Thorpe. It is a picture of an Indian fisherman looking at his shadow in the water. It's like looking in the mirror. There's a canoe next to him. This is the best I can describe this painting. It was painted on a sort of velvety canvas. I feel like I have seen this painting before and it is very rare. Well, I hope it's worth more than I paid for it. I really like the painting and I have it on my bedroom wall so I can enjoy it. I have a room divider made of four panels.

Each panel has oil paintings of flowers on the upper third, and a collage of turn-of-the-century advertising posters on the lower section. There is no artist's signature. The artwork on the panels is framed with ornamental wood molding and the panels are crowned with wooden balls of different sizes.

The frames are covered with red silky material and the reverse side is covered with an upholstery type of material. The four panels are connected with brass hinges that have sharp, curved corners. I wonder if this is a significant piece of artwork or just someone's garage project. It looks to me to be turn-of-the-century stuff from the s. I found it in the street on a rainy night. There you have it. I frequent a local thrift store hoping to find my million-dollar treasure, and have found what I believe to be a genuine James Milton Sessions watercolor. I caught a gentleman in the store eyeing my cart and staring at the painting, and when I went up to pay, a woman asked if she could look at it.

I said sure.

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She said she thought it was pretty special and I was lucky to have found it! About 40 years ago I made a trip with my mother and sister to a flea market where my mother purchased an old, junky looking violin case. My sister and I were around 11 and 13 years old, and so embarrassed by this old box that we told our mother we were going to walk behind her in case we came across someone we knew.

When we got home my mother opened the case and inside was a violin with the Stradivarius label.

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My mother is German and when she went home for a visit her sister told her it could be a real one. My mother wrote down what was on the label, and it appears to be identical to what was on the original Stradivarius. My mother paid five dollars for the case and was happy to have just that, because my father had an old violin with no case.

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So this purchase was for him. I have done some research and found that more than likely it is not an original but you never know This one looks identical to the original. I found a pitcher at a Goodwill store. This amazing little pitcher is very old, very heavy, and carved completely out of stone. The outside has been buffed smooth, but it's not shiny. The inside has chisel marks that show how it was carved. The pitcher was carved out of beige stone with thin veins of gray and a small amount of rose. The pitcher and handle are all carved out of one piece.

It stands about five inches tall and about five inches wide from the spout to the handle, and weighs about two pounds. I've searched the Internet and found nothing like it. It looks like something from early colonial days. I have several pieces of pottery made during the Civil War by my husband's great-grandfather, who was a potter in Virginia.

This pitcher does not look like that pottery. Instead, it looks like it was carved out of a big stone. When I was 16 years old I used to visit southern California. I always dug in the ground or used my metal detector. One day I went out so far I could see for miles. My detector made a noise and so I started digging.

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I found a bag that fell apart as I picked it up. A beautiful bracelet fell out. It has a wedding-band design, with a hanging pendant that has a big red stone embedded in a heart. This doesn't look like any machine-made jewelry. It looks handmade. In the back of the heart is hair rolled over paper. It looks like maybe at one time there was a cover over it but not now.

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I'm 54 years old and still have this bracelet. I received a huge box from my parents. When I opened it, inside was the original box for a Haddon Hall lace tablecloth. It looks like the tablecloth has never been used or even taken out of the box. The original tissue paper and the photo of the tablecloth were inside. I know the tablecloth was my grandmother's. She got it for a wedding present in ! My mother-in-law couldn't believe it.