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Michael K. Mike Davis is the publisher and editor of the online magazine, Lovecraft eZine. In a short time, Lovecraft eZine has become so popular that it caught the attention and approval of S. Joshi, considered by many to be The expert on H.

Magazine that publish Lovecraftian short stories?

Mike took time out of his busy schedule to share some details about the eZine. Joshi's stamp of approval. How did the eZine come about? I've been reading Lovecraftian anthologies for many years. I started to wonder if there were online magazines that published them as well, so I searched and didn't find any.

I thought, well, I guess I'll do it then. I knew right away, though, that I didn't want Lovecraft eZine to just be a "fan zine". My goal.

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    Welcome to another themed issue of The Lovecraft eZine! Most of us probably think of H.

    Enjoy issue 17! Purchase Kindle or Nook editions of issue 17 at this link. A Mote in the Void by Simon Kewin. Please consider clicking these links — these folks help make this magazine possible. Hi Mike!

    Issue #30 – April | Lovecraft eZine

    Another of my favorites Caitlin R. Kiernan is also just about unclassifiable. Check out the website. The Weird is really catching on and includes a global presence that I never knew about before.

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