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By the time they are 12 months old they are generally considered to be adult cats. This is the time to transition your kitten to adult food. Whether you have a kitten, a newly adopted cat, or an adult cat entering a new stage in her life, there are a number of ways you can help make the transition to a new food as smooth and easy as possible. Firstly, take it slow. Introduce small amounts of the new food as part of her regular food over a period of approximately five to seven days.

Always ensure your cat has access to clean drinking water and monitor her appetite, faeces quality and weight while she is going through the transition. These factors are good indicators of her interest in the new food, and her general health. Maintaining a positive and fun environment for your kitten as she has these new discoveries will help her to adapt to the new food.

Your cat is unique and she has her own preferences, which depend greatly on the food and the way she was fed as a kitten. Over time, some cats develop an attraction for different flavours, a pronounced interest in variety, and the refusal of some types of food. Your cat might become more selective, even difficult, as she gets older. She may need to taste a few different types of food before she finds something she likes, especially if her new food is less appetizing or if her sense of smell has reduced because of health issues or age.

Your cat may also find the new food difficult to chew or ingest, which can in fact be a sign of aging and specifically a dental issue. You might see it as a loss of appetite, or that your cat is becoming a fussy eater. If your cat is struggling to move to a new food there are a few extra strategies you can implement to help her transition:. Most important — never let your cat starve, this can have serious health implications for her. If she is completely avoiding the new food it is better to go back to the old food and try again later, following the above tips.

Normally, when presented with a novel food, your cat will eat a small amount on the first occasion before gradually increasing her intake Bradshaw 2. Thus, if you suspect your cat might be neophobic, speak with your vet about other strategies that may help her adapt. With regards to nutrition I know I need to work a bit harder on that front Many thanks Cat , for all the hard work you put into these courses. The information you pass on IS life changing. I have learnt so much and changed some very bad habits.

I have lost a bit of weight, but more noticeable is that I have more of a waist now, and my clothes are more comfortable. Also, I have dramatically reduced my intake of red wine, and feel much better for it.

How to Help a Cat Lose Weight

Looking forward to the monthly catch up sessions to keep me focused. WOW What a Course! So much information. All of it makes sense and all of it, with a bit of planning, is easy to implement. As a Personal Trainer I read an awful lot about nutrition and I find myself going round and round in very confused circles. Cat's information has certainly put it back into focus. I love the information on adrenal fatigue and metabolism boosters in week one - there is so much more to healthy eating than losing weight and by focusing on these I think most people would find the weight loss just happened.

For me the motivation to eat healthily for more energy and fewer colds has always far outweighed the idea that it is a means to an end simply for weight loss. Week 5 is EASY!

I have done a 28 day elimination diet with many of my clients which left me, and them, with headaches, bad moods etc etc for the first few days whereas Cat's way of easing us towards the detox week means all these nasty stages are simply bypassed. Overall very impressed Cat - love it! And will definitely be recommending it. For anyone doubting this can work - i have just completed 4 weeks on my 5th! It is a life changing diet, I won't go back to dairy now or wheat, and meat is very limited, and I miss none of them!

Really, Really fantastic way of living. And believe me, i never thought I would I would change the way i eat! Give it a go. I promise you won't regret it!

How to Know If You're Ready to Adopt a Cat

PS The support is fantastic too. I've made so many positive, permanent and enjoyable changes to my diet and I'm really pleased!

Thank you Cat! Thank you Cat for putting me on the right track to feeling amazing, who knew i could feel this good with out diet coke? The next thing I have to tackle is the exercise. After 4 weeks I have lost another 3lbs making 5lbs. I have lost 1 inch from my waist and the same from my thighs.

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Trousers feel much looser and in some cases too big even though my hip measurement appears not to have changed. Although I haven't lost anything in my bust measurement, jumpers and tops feel more roomy which must be down to the improvement in toning. I have given up bread, crisps, sweets and lowered my alcohol intake. Hi Cat I took your Weight and See class at the Parish Hall in Hay, but I really feel that I need more ongoing support and so am thrilled that you have set up this online version. Is it possible to have this be an ongoing support program throughout the year?

I'm happy to kick this one off. It's only week 3, but I can see and feel changes already. On day 2 yes, day 2 , I felt a huge weight lift around my sinuses.

I wasn't expecting that one. I didn't even know they had been blocked! And by the end of the week my energy levels were completely changed. Whereas before, I would have considered myself a night owl, I'm now up with the lark, craving early nights, feel really switched on and have loads of energy throughout the day.

How to Know If You're Ready for a Cat

The gym sessions have been great: hard enough to make you feel like you've had a good workout, yet easy enough to follow so that you stay interested. I'm enjoying it all so much that I even went out for a run on my own today for the first time in years. The Weight and See group is fun too.

Such a great group of people. Even though we're all mostly strangers, everyone's really great at sharing tips and advice, and offering support when it's needed. You don't feel as though you're on your own, which helps your chances of sticking with it and succeeding. And the weight loss Well, it's only week 3 and there's a little way to go yet, but I can already see a difference. My stomach has shrunk for one thing, and my jeans are feeling looser too.

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Bring on week 10! Love-in over and out! The recipes are great and I am not missing meat or dairy products.

I can see I'm going to be up to my armpits in soups and humus this weekend. I love salad with nuts for lunch and wil not be changing that. I intend to stick to herbal teas for which I have developed a real liking and I will only drink the occasional coffee,which,amazingly I am not missing at all. I have really amended my wine drinking to almost nothing and plan to stick to this lower consumption.

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The 4 weeks has been sufficiently long to establish new habits which I am pleasantly surprised at. I am totally addicted to exercise and feel much better after a strenuous session.

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Well done Cat its a really good thing to have instigated.