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At least one interest must be selected. Yes, I agree to receive emails about Wanderlust's events, products, partners and services. Thank You! Your profile was successfully updated. You might ask: If tree roots need to breathe, how do they do it when they grow deep into the soil? In our Illinois wet, clay soil, tree roots do not survive deeply in the soil. One of the main reasons for the predominance of roots at the soil surface is because they need to breathe.

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So why do we care about air spaces in the soil? Here are some common causes of tree mortality, which we see ALL the time due to misunderstandings about how trees grow.

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Construction damaged soil, with the heavy clay that has NO air spaces making it very difficult for any new plants to thrive or old ones to survive. Cars or trucks parked under shade trees compact the soil crushing all of the air pockets and choking the tree to death. When the construction is finished we plant our trees into this soil.

In order to survive the trees must grow their roots at or above the soil surface so they can breathe. Whenever we see tree roots above the soil surface we know that the tree is gasping for air. Usually these roots are seen as a problem for the grass, so tree roots are cut or soil and sod planted to cover them. It is amazing that trees survive construction at all, a hundred year old Oak can be killed with as little as an inch of clay fill over the roots. Over fertilizing a tree that is struggling due to insufficient healthy roots. When trees are struggling we often think fertilizing sounds like a good thing but it is the worst thing we can do.

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Fertilizers stimulate added top growth which the poor air starved roots cannot support. We water our trees twice a week with a sprinkling system so they get enough water along with our grass and flowers. Watering is good, right? According to the University of Illinois if the trees, or lawn is watered more often than once a week the air pockets are filled with water, drowning roots, which actually dehydrates the trees and grass more and more.

Notice that this applies to lawns as well as trees. Notice also that all of your neighbors are watering lawns and trees twice a week in an attempt to save their landscape. More lawns and trees die from overwatering than from under watering.

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Note: This is not the case east of Lake Michigan where the soil is sandy and has lots more air pockets and is faster draining soil than Illinois. Planting trees too deep in the soil.

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We spend hundreds of dollars planting a new tree and yet it is often planted with the root crown below the soil surface so that it looks like a telephone pole. In the forest all of the tree trunks have a healthy tree taper or root flare out into the soil. When the tree looks like a telephone pole according to the National Nursery Association your tree is gasping for breath, it has been planted too deeply.

So how do we avoid these common tree problems and give our trees a breath of fresh air? Remove clay soil or plant above it in new home construction. Soil sample before fertilizing to determine if it is helpful or hurtful.

Health and urban trees – a breath of fresh air

Water lawns and trees no more often than once a week. Plant trees so you can see the soft taper of the root flare at the surface. Segregate your tree and shrub plantings from your lawn areas and mulch the planting beds like they do at the Chicago Botanic Garden, The Morton Arboretum and as Arborsmith recommends. Mother Nature's Moment - Spring Reminder.

Proper tree preservation and maintenance can only be done by those who have advanced technical education in the art and science of arboriculture. LTD has the hands of experience to care for your trees from the roots to the crown—from their planting to long term care. Arborsmith is able to deliver a level of care that is beyond the typical certified arborist. We have a passion for stewardship, to help you protect your corner of the earth. Arborsmith, Ltd.

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Trademark Arborsmith Ltd. No part of our widsom, materials, photographs, or intellectual property may be reproduced in any form, or by an means whatsover, without written consent from the publisher. Made in the USA, Our Wisdom. These Poplar tree roots are gasping for air. Tree roots do not grow deeply into the soil. Poison Ivy Primer Spring Reminder. Ash tree replacements.