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See more about Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility. Best Jobs: Artist, politician, teacher, painter, psychologist In , Chinese zodiac Snake will have a rough time generally speaking. For those workaholics, it is suggested to develop businesses steadily and slowly. People with Snake sign of Chinese zodiac could not get on well with workmates this year, and some of their vice leaders would be unfriendly to them. As for wealth fortune, it will be hard to save money and get increased salary.

They should pay more attention on health as minor illnesses on eyes and stomach would appear in the year of Doing enough outdoor exercises will help to improve that. See more about Luck Prediction by Month Snake's Personality by Western Astrology Signs. Their personality differs according to western astrological signs, like quick-tempered Aries, jealous Taurus, lazy Gemini, rational Cancer, stubborn Leo, acute Virgo, candid Libra, extravagant Scorpio, mysterious Sagittarius, keen Capricorn, optimistic Aquarius, and devoted Pisces.

Snake's Personality by Blood Types. They usually hold a doubtful attitude towards most things.

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They also love revenge. They are lovers of solitude. People will feel relaxing with them, and they are willing to give enlightenment to others.

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Which Type of 'Snake' Are You? Fire Snake , Intelligent, insightful, quick-minded, good at socializing.

Year of the Snake: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

Snake Zodiac Eminent Personalities. According to the detailed lucky prediction, you will become a good match. Both of you have several common interests and both of you are romantic. In daily life, if you both can show more patienct and understanding to each other, then you will have an everlasting marriage life. How does the future look? According to the love compatibility, it is not very high. However, just follow your heart and the compatibility can be improved through your joint efforts in daily life. I tried to explain again In terms of wealth, you may spend money unconsciously in eating, drinking and playing.

Fortunately, you can afford as your direct wealth fortune is good. Any investment should be conservative in the week. In love, if you are single, you could start a new relationship once you take the initiative. If you are married, you may have a a piece of ordinary affection with your partner. It's good to try to creat more fun in life. Worst Months: January, June, September. Lucky Number: 6, 10, 2. People under the Snake sign will be blessed by several mighty auspicious stars in thus have favorable luck for career, wealth and interpersonal relationship.

However, you should talk less and do more to avoid disputes.

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Lucky Number: 0, 5. Snake conflict with Tai Sui in which means you will get frustrated in both life and work. With less blessings from auspicious stars yet more impacts from inauspicious stars, your fortunes for each aspect will be destroyed by endless troubles. If you can be more persistent, optimistic and patient, you will turn ill luck into good and make miracles. Boy's Birthday.

Girl's Birthday. Zodiac Match. Good Luck Charms for snake Choose a Chinese Zodiac lucky charm bracelet for snake to help you improve luck and exorcise evil spirits in daily life. Click to show more. Most Snake people look indifferent and calm in appearance yet fiery in heart. They are dapper in appearance and have a gift for words. Though calm and smart at ordinary times, people born in the year of the Snake can go blind and behave like a teenager first awakening of love once romantically involved.

The people under the Snake sign are fit to those works from which they could fully show their talent. Tasks which are stressful, heavy, mindless and repetitive should be avoided to choose and not fit for the Snake. In art, culture, aesthetics and literature fields, they could develop their full abilities.

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The Year of Snake

The Snake people usually have a strong sixth sense and keen intuition. So, in the field of religion, they can work happily. Besides, suitable jobs for them include TV presenter, model, athlete, designer and more. Let's take a look at what are good and auspicious names for the male and female Snakes.

2013 - 2014 Chinese Zodiac Astrology Horoscope - Forecast and Predictions - Year Of The Snake

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